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Life Story
Our founding leader, our current cause of existence, the deceased Adem ÇALIK; He was born in Ünye on 18.11.1972. He has taken the first step of a process that would constitute an exemplary, long-term, full of achievements in 1997, with a 6-month work experience after completing his military service in his dream of free trade in high school years.

At a young age, he quickly climbed the ladder of success in his business life with his vision, his keen intelligence, his determination, his hard work, his courage, and the uninhibited view of his professional perspective.

Adem Çalık

The foundations of the company, which he carried out briefly alone, 7 months later after his brother Resül ÇALIK’s military service and the coming of the two brothers back to the ridge, raising the success line every year from those years to this day, the region and the present Distributorship has become an exemplary company.

Life philosophy has not been a place of failure, always with the emphasis of unity, togetherness and family, both itself and the environment motivates, to be different, to create differences, noble spirited and fair structure has become an exemplary person in society. In the trade, it was primarily important to be honest and trustworthy and believed in the abundance of rights and equity to win the halal way.

Çalıkoğlu Food, starting from the years of its establishment, thinking of crowning the line of success, Bursa Orhangazi region started production with the brand ÇALIKOĞLU. The long-term sustainability of production, based on quality and brand trust and never surprisingly, with precision, has always taken care of the best, the most beautiful, and will continue to show after that. Because of this sensitivity, our products have become sought-after, desirable, preferred products within the boundaries we serve.

Adem ÇALIK‘s follows never included despair, pessarism, words such as failure, the positive energy around the light, the ideas of his team to succeed in pursuit of dreams became a unique leader.

In addition to his success in business life, he took an active role in political life and played an important role in the management of various non-governmental organisations. He represented all of the tasks at the highest level, such as Deputy Professor, Vice-President, political party district president.

Adem Çalık, Cumhurbaşkanı Sn. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ile beraber.

Adem ÇALIK was a respected, inquisitive, enthusiastic, entrepreneur businessman who tried to be as knowledgeable about the subject of the subject and cared for the details of the topic.

During his business life, he was rewarded with medals and documents due to the contributions and achievements of both the individual and his companies.

Should not be ordinary, leave traces… He was a unique leader, businessman, political man and family father who left a mark in the hearts of everyone who knew him and touched the heart.

His short life has been packed with many beauties, contributed to employment in the region, 20 years of work for his country, to serve the nation, the people, social responsibility projects and charitable contributions are recognized; He was a loved and respected businessman in the business world.

It is a rightful occasion to advance on the path he opened. With the superior values of Adem ÇALIK, ÇALIKOĞLU FOOD and CLK GROUP companies with the “son” called ÇALIKOĞLU, MYTAT and the passing of the brands that were recently registered with the same determination, as ÇALIKOĞLU FAMILY to continue to rise in this We will have the power to work in the same direction.

The principles of Adem ÇALIK are based on the culture of the institution, while the compass features for its employees and the future generations of the family.

The founder of our company, our visionary leader Mr. Adem ÇALIK, who carries us to our achievements today, is divided between December 7, 2017, on Thursday.

… We commemoration with respect, longing and mercy.

The words that our founder Adem ÇALıK did not drop at every opportunity;

“Brand is a company’s son”
“Seeking halal in earnings, believing in fertility”
“We have succeeded, combined with confidence and achieved success”
“Trade Vision, patience, courage, the most important thing is the work of fatality…”
“Excited to work with the love of the first day”
“We made a joint move, agreed with consultations”
“Quality and hygiene in food is our essential priority.”
“Unity and togetherness are the ability to act and live together under the same roof.
“It is the most important blessing Allah has given to human health.”
“If life is a lesson, there’s always a lot of things we can get from each other.”
“The secret of our success is to be a team.”

His words continue to illuminate the path of his employees.

His last call to his team was the calling of unity and togetherness and sentences expressing his love to the whole team.

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