Our History

  • 1997 It was established as a sole proprietorship by Adem ÇALIK on 5 MAY 1997. As a food wholesaler, it has started its commercial activity.
  • 2003 Çalıkoğlu Paz. Gıda. Tar. Hay. Nak. Tur. İnş. San. İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti The importance of institutionalization and necessity for corporations, taking the first steps of this long-term process. This process is also an inevitable consequence of growth, and it has adopted as a necessity to survive.
  • 2005 The diversity of packaging in black olives has been increased and green olive varieties have been added to its products.
  • 2007 With the registration of Mytat brand new products have been added to the product portfolio and new members have been added to the product family with dry fruit productions. Ülker İçim Group Distributorship by incorporating the power of the brand, its field experience, experienced staff, logistics infrastructure and regional domination by combining the brand of the drink began to represent quality, trust and stability.
  • 2008 Clk Grup Gıda Bas. Yay. Dağ. Pet. Elek. Bilg. İnş. Nak. Ulş. Tur. Tek. Mad. San. İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd.Şti. has launched its second company. It has served in the activities of collective food, canteens, internet operators.
  • 2012 ÇALIKOĞLU branded jam production to the product list has gained the appreciation of our consumers with its quality and taste. He added products in different packaging and weights with ÇALIKOĞLU and MYTAT brands to olive diversity.
  • 2014 Mytat Ye Bitir Beni with the evolving and changing consumer habits considering the 70 gr black and green olives have created a brand new concept. With the addition of Aytaç Meat Group’s distributorship to the service network, it has gathered a strong and institutional brand under its roof.
  • 2015 Moving to the new service building, it continued its activity by investing in its business with stronger logistics, larger storage space, more robust technological infrastructure and expanding staff. Mytat branded Jam and Mytat branded delight started production, dozens of new products meet with consumers. Namet meat products have been included in the group.
  • 2018 ÇALIKOĞLU FOOD has added a new one to the service network by crowning its knowledge and experience in the sector with the NON-HOME CONSUMPTION SECTOR.
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