Why Çalıkoğlu?

  • We have 24 years of experience and trust. With 24 years of experience, trust, stability, we work with Labour and destiny in this land.
  • We produce Gemlik olives. Our black olives are produced entirely from the Gemlik crop.
  • We produce natural black olives. Our products are prepared by traditional Gemlik method and do not contain any substances such as sweetener, preservative, colouring etc.
  • Çalıkoğlu Brand 21. Years. We produce olives for 21 years with Çalıkoğlu brand we produce olives in our facility with 1200 m2 closed area in Bursa Gemlik.
  • 101 Different product diversity. 108 different assortment of black and green olives, raisins, dried figs, dried apricots, jams, honey, Turkish delight and light products, we have a rich product range of the sector.
  • Mytat brand growing under the roof of Çalıkoğlu. Mytat is our own brand and we have a different taste in our food products with Mytat.

  • We are the distributor of 15 national brands. We are the business partner of brands such as İçim, Aytaç, Namet, Barilla, Filiz, which we distribute outside of our own products.
  • We own a fleet of 20 cars. Distribution fleet of 20 vehicles with 8 passenger, 2 commercial, 2 Panelvans, 8 closed case refrigerated vans.
  • We’ve established a strong team. We are an experienced and strong team dedicated to departments including administrative, marketing, production and distribution in our factory and headquarters.
  • Priorities; trust, ethics in trade, quality, sustainability.
  • We work with the principle of hygienic production for healthy generations.
  • With confidence and stability, we are a growing family.
  • We care about innovations, change and transformation, we protectThe values we believe in, we call it human health before using technology.
  • In this land, we strive to give the right of taste in the journey extending from the branch to the table of our crops obtained by labour and forehead sweat.
  • Since 1997… From today to the future
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